History, tradition and territory

In Calabrian peasants’ gastronomic traditions, pork culture is deeply rooted and Soppressata di Calabria PDO production process has preserved these roots over time. It is no coincidence that Soppressata di Calabria PDO is the queen of Calabrian cold cuts: it is realised using the noblest meat cuts (ham and tenderloin).  Moreover, it must be obtained processing the meats of pigs born just in Calabria or in Basilicata, Sicilia, Puglia, and Campania regions as long as, before the 4th month, they are moved to Calabria, so consequently slaughtered and processed in the Calabrian territory.


Excellent pork meats are medium texture grinded, and then a little quantity of lard fat is added to the paste together with salt and chilli pepper, the last one in a minimum amount, to avoid its strong flavour to cover the meat one. The mixture is put into the casing, pierced and tied manually with natural twine. The seasoning time can’t be less than 45 days.


When cut, the Soppressata di Calabria PDO is of a more or less red, depending on the ingredient mixture used. The taste is intense and more or less spicy. It’s usually served as a starter and as a snack for breaks. It perfectly matches with steam vegetables and green olives in brine.

Interesting facts

This cold cut name seems linked to the custom to press its paste vigorously to make it fit the casing. Moreover, in Calabria region, this term can be related to a kind of processing which prescribes to put the just made salami under weight.


Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO), recognized under Reg. ne EU n. Reg.to CE n. 134 of 20.01.1998 GUCE L. 15 of 21.01.1998.